Do you feel like you just can’t keep on going the way you are now?

If you’re plowing through life, you may be at the point where you know you’re breaking down. Despite your best efforts to continue to push yourself forward and meet life’s demands, you’re beginning to realize that there’s got to be a better way, because you feel tired, burdened and dissatisfied.

It’s time to try something different!

Something that opens up your life: this is a way to have a breakthrough. It’s another way to be, where your thoughts, actions and experience feel more spacious and expansive and less dense and heavy. Instead of dreading the day and wanting it to hurry up and be over, you’ll be enjoying the gift of each day and feel happy to be who you are and grateful for the opportunity to engage and participate fully in your life.

The first “R” is Recover

Yes, it’s time to get out of your head where you are living in a broke down reality and into your Life where there is wholeness and good. It’s time to recover from expending lots of energy and regain balance.

Stop carrying the events of the day like a ball and chain where you’ve made yourself the prisoner of your life instead of discovering and participating in the unique moments that come your way.

Try this simple exercise as an experiment. I’m inviting you to take a couple of minutes for yourself. Look at this photo and allow yourself to drink in this image of spaciousness.