Life Coaching for Women

With life moving at such a fast pace, with constant change and all of us being pulled in so many directions with many life demands, life coaching is a great opportunity to improve your life balance, create a new map for navigating your life and discover the resources you have within.         

Happy woman in fieldLife coaching is a dynamic and collaborative process that begins with me empowering you to go for what you want and try something new.

Coaching is focused on the future, not getting over the past. I recognize that you know yourself better than anyone else and you are an expert on yourself. I support you in accessing your inner resources and taking action.

Growth can be challenging and you need the support of someone who really listens and understands; someone who will help you look at possibilities and actualize from a different perspective.

As a certified life coach for women, I am passionate about your growth and development. My vision is to support and motivate you.

Through life coaching with me you can experience:

  • A greater sense of motivation and excitement about your life
  • A fresh perspective to personal challenges
  • Greater interpersonal effectiveness
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved life/work balance
  • Increased satisfaction in life and work
  • Achieving relevant goals
  • Enhanced decision making skills
  • Create solutions and strategies to your problems

Are you ready to take the first step for greater peace, happiness and contentment?

If so, I can support you in creating the life you want. I offer in-office individual life coaching for women in the Seattle area and Internet, or phone sessions for your convenience. 

Call me at 425-481-4613 or email me at to make an appointment now.